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We show ambitious people how to apply mindfulness to master business performance. We do this by designing, developing and delivering high-intensity mental fitness training programmes that prepare you for leadership. Through our programmes, you discover how to mentor yourself, understand people and develop a strong core sense of self in the process.

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Hi, I’m Lori, the Brain Behind

Business Brilliance

I have been opening doors to opportunities and creating leaders my entire career. 

I started by launching iconic Silicon Valley start-ups into Europe during the dot com boom. I have helped people recover from a variety of mental health challenges as a psychotherapist. Since 2013, I have been combining psychotherapeutic and coaching skills to empower people, from solopreneurs to senior business leaders, to expand their career potential.

I recognised a gap in the market, namely that people misunderstood mindfulness’s potential to elevate business performance. I have developed programmes, rooted in evidence-based science, to make the true power of mindfulness accessible to busy, ambitious businesspeople.

My passion lies in guiding people to discover how to create a life filled with professional and personal power, freedom and fulfilment. - effortlessly.

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15 Minutes a Day

We've developed applied mindfulness training courses, based on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principles, for people with busy lives. The seven-day and 30-day programmes enable you to dip your toe in the water of applied mindfulness. You'll discover a new realm of transformation, and it begins by breathing.

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Activate Your Witness

Want to know what it is that makes Business Brilliance's approach to mindfulness unique?

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FYI, this book makes a great companion to the Citizenship Brilliance programme.

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